About EVFS

We realize the importance keeping up with new technology and using industry-specific knowledge and skills to put ourselves at the forefront of this changing landscape. From traditional fossil-fueled fleets to the new generation of electric vehicles, we are here to meet all your service and warranty needs.

Since its inception, EVFS has prided itself with utilizing the best practices in all aspects of our operations. Our philosophy is simple: the service we provide is only as good as our people, processes, and technology, so we carefully evaluate, select, and implement each of these with customer success in mind.

Our technician training starts with you, the manufacturer. We know the best way to understand and effectively maintain vehicles is to learn it from the source, so we utilize your internal knowledge and
skillsets to build the next generation of technicians, capable of maintaining all components on your vehicles, including and specifically, the electric power system.

EVFS Truck

Our Process for a Successful Maintenance Program

  • Understand the value of maintenance - Vehicle downtime directly impacts the cost of ownership. By calculating the average per-hour downtime cost for fleet managers, we can better educate on the importance of regular maintenance and efficient service. We find that even a small increase in uptime translates into a much lower total cost of ownership.
  • Evaluate the variable aspects of our operations - This includes aspects such as availability of spare parts availability, continuous improvement in the work order system and commitment to speedy technician response all contribute to minimizing mean time to resolution.
  • Maintenance scheduling - Whether reactive or proactive, maintenance must be scheduled effectively. We take the necessary steps to help ensure we have parts and technicians available when needed. Having an effective scheduling tool is a critical for reducing downtime and maximizing the value of preventive maintenance.
  • Identify and understand the problem - Aggressively taking on key issues enables EVFS managers to recognize and correct bottlenecks and inefficiencies in field service processes, consistent with our core commitment of continuous improvement.
  • Clearly document, communicate and deliver on service level agreements - With varying levels of criticality among open service orders, it’s imperative that all parties understand how the agreements are being met and the steps being taking to ensure continued customer satisfaction.
  • Consistent Field Service Delivery - We leverage best practices for guidelines, procedures and mobile technology to provide a consistent customer service experience.
  • Know the data - A data-driven approach to assessing service performance enables EVFS management to analyze results and adjust processes with minimal disruption to fleet operations.
  • Continuous client feedback - Our team is committed to be responsive to your needs and ready to work side by side with you to directly contribute to your success. Our measures for customer satisfaction are directly tied to successfully attaining the defined objectives of a successful program. In addition, our Quality Assurance Agents are an integral part of our customer service team. They monitor customer satisfaction and provide constructive feedback to the service team for any required corrective actions.

From Our Executive Team

The quality and efficiency of your fleet service operation directly and significantly impacts your success, customer and employee relationships and most importantly, your bottom line. EVFS offers a wide array of industry knowledge and the technical skills and service to contribute to your successful operation, including:
  • End-to-end services. From incoming acceptance inspection to maintenance and repair to end-of-service life, EVFS provides a full range of technical support services.
  • Program risk management. We have the knowledge and experience to help you proactively identify and avoid issues.
  • Field Service expertise. Our diverse, experienced field service and leadership teams have the skills and knowledge necessary to support you and shape your vision.
  • Established methodology and approach. Our methodology focuses on continuous improvement throughout the work order lifecycle. Our training materials are created with knowledge and input from your experts to ensure quality and consistency.
  • Bringing the right tool to the job. Whether it is a wrench or procedural manual we make sure our technicians are prepared to provide best-in-class service.
Our customers are of the upmost importance to us, and we are committed to building long-term relationships. We are excited about the prospect of teaming with you to provide you with a level of service that will surpasses your expectations.